The Hunters of the Sea

Here we are again. Standing here. Looking at what we are and what we wish to become. It is the great contemplation. We stand at the mouth of the serpent. As we risk yet again being swallowed up by fear and second guessing. Yet something has changed. We have risen to the next phase. We have gained power. We have learned that we do not give a shit anymore about the musing and mewling of the masses. We do not strain over the acceptance of herd. We are not the collective. We will stand in the mouth of Jormangandr and laugh. WAILING ' COME AND GET ME MOTHERFUCKER'. We will charge head long into the sea. We will ride the waves and become hunters of the sea. We protect and guard the sea. And When we slay the beasts. We then will feed on the blessing that come from the beasts life force. Beckoning for the next time we stand in the serpents mouth.

This is why I Fish.

United Under Chrome!


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