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Sacrifice of Self to Self

There is something about building and create. A sacrifice of time and effort. It creates more than a tool. It creates something that is living and breathing. Why build something that is beautifully boring and lifeless.......

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Coming Soon AEgir Series Rods

So Big News! 907 CHROME CULT will be Launching our very own production spinning rod Series this Spring. Samples are Bieng finalized tomorrow. Production to begin soon after that. AEgir Series Spinnin


I have a true custom rod that I made with a special graphite blank from American Tackle and pure titanium guides,(not titanium plated)and special reel seat.

I was supposed to use it in a TV show they were filming on my boat in Louisiana, but the weather turned and I have never used the rod.

If you think you may have a buyer, I can shoot some photos, and let you make a decision. Raw materials were about $500 at cost.


Rod looks beautiful. I had some power handles for our fishing reels made in that same blue color

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