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Warranty Policy



Our warranty term is one year from the purchase date thru our official dealers.


It covers the blank breakage due to FISHING ONLY. It does NOT cover such as:


Breakage from hand testing, accidental damage.


Breakage from lifting/bringing up the fish with the rod to the boat. Please note that our rods' tips are thin that they are not designed to swing up the fish.


Breakage from high-sticking.


Component issues (Guides, reel seat, handle, other than the blank) are NOT covered. They will be billed at the Cost of Parts and Labor at Current rate of

40.00 per hour


1st replacement is 60% of the current retail price will be charged from 2nd replacement within a year from the purchase date.


**Please contact your seller or email us first. Then return the broken item to us for the replacement.**


We all must return to the Sea

Jason Rivers


907 Chrome Cult

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